How to enter our business data into the platform?

1. Enter into our control panel, if we have an email and password registered by us. And if we are not registered, we will register through the Register button (explained in the video lesson)
2. Merchant Add Point - Add a point.
3. We write the title in English
4. We write the title in Georgian.
5. Choose a category.
5. We choose the district we want.
6. We choose the city / village where our business is located.
7. At URL Blank, we are writing our business website that we would like it to appear.
8. The following chart is a complete description of our business in English.
9. Similarly, afterwards we write a full description in Georgian.
10. We have the ability to attach a photo to/about our restaurant / cafe / landmark.
11. Endpoint of the adding the point - Select a point on the map.
Using GPS coordinates, it is possible to exactly locate your business to where it is actually located.

How to register.

Click the button below the merchant to the left, then the Register button.

Coming Out Blanks -

1. We write our first and last names.

2. Email address.

3. Email us again.

4. Full address of our business.

5. Password

6. Re-enter the password we have selected (be sure to keep your privacy, don't tell anyone about your details).